Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to get this blog started...

This is an interesting venture for me. I am actually writing a blog about myself and about my views/opinions/about life! Whoda thunk? I don’t think many will read this, but I recently found that writing helps me get through my emotions and writing also just makes me feel good in general.

Today, I had an emotional conversation with a close friend of mine. In a way, I felt like I broke that unwritten code of trust today. She assures me I did not and she still trusts me like no other; however, I felt like a very bad person anyway and was truly hating myself. It was a bad moment, I suppose, and I hope I didn’t go into dangerous territory there. I do not think I did, and once I wiped my tears off my keyboard, I felt better, laughing once again. If there is one thing that kills me, it is not proving that I am a good friend. I always thought of myself as a good friend my whole life, even if others did not prove themselves back to me. This friend has proved to me she is such a best friend to me time and time again. So I felt like I had one point against me and she was still perfect. But in fact, in the end, it wasn’t as bad as all that and I was having a terrible moment, I suppose.

If there is one thing I need these days, it is the loyalty of my closest friends. In fact, my closest friends do not even live in the same country as me, sadly. It is a sad thing that your best friends are so far away (and I mean far—on the other side of the world!), but there’s nothing you can do about that. You never know who you will meet in your lifetime, and I never would have thought I’d have such a friendship with these girls from different parts of the world—they truly are like sisters to me. After spending so much time with them in both my country and in Mexico, I find that I need them more than ever, and we just became even closer after this trip :)

I am a big classic movie fan, but what is happening to my devotion? I have not been passionate about watching them lately. I feel it may come back to me eventually, but it is very strange. At the moment, I have a new addiction—a modern TV show (that is actually still on!) called Desperate Housewives. Anyone who knows me thinks it is strange, haha, because I am actually addicted to a modern show! I just adore this show—full of drama, comedy (which I adoooore), and I am just in love with the characters. I feel like they are my friends, too, and one common theme in this show is women’s friendship. I feel like I have such a friendship now, except I’m a few decades younger, haha. They are not friends living on the same street as me, but hey, it’s something and I find many similarities all time! It’s a happy, wonderful thing.

I have to make a roast chicken for dinner…. so I must stop now. Have a good day, anyone who reads this :)


  1. yayyyy! well, now you know there was nothing to worry about and you are such a great friend to all of us and our baby sister forever!! :)

    as of classic movies...I think the same has been happening to me ever since I re-discovered my TV shows haha but my love for classic movies (as well as your love) is still there and will show again eventually, stronger than ever =)

    yay for your first real post! can't wait to read more of what you have to say ;) I'm your biggest fan :)!!!!

  2. It's great that you're doing this, Desiree! Writing about feelings is a great way to sort through them.

    I'm sure your friends think just as highly of you as always. It's wonderful that you all have such a close friendship. That's a real treasure.

    I hope (sniffle) that you'll regain your love for the classics soon! ;)

  3. Awww Desiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....
    I absolutely adore your new blog!!!!! It is such a good idea to write about you, your personal life and thoughts. I must say you were really brave to do it and open your heart and mind to us all so we can read it.

    I am sure your friend never EVER thought that you broke her trust in you! No way. You are such a true and loyal friend, you always are there to listen and help, and you are always empathizing your friends in a notable way. You proved it so many times, both online and in person.

    You have nothing to worry, Desi, sometimes there are moments like this in any friendship, because nothing can be perfect in this life and how boring would it be if it was! So you just have to know that your friend loves and appreciates you no matter what happens and she will never want to harm your friendship by any kind of quarrel.

    You can always be sure you will have your close friends, even if they are far away, because they all love you so much and can't imagine life without you being part of it!

  4. I've read it and enjoyed it!
    I hope your roast chicken went down well.

    1. Thanks, Paul! It was very delicious, haha, thank you.