Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Great Day...

Oh, it’s a great day…

Oh, it’s a good day for singing a song, good day for moving along! And so on and so forth… I don’t know if you know that song. I first heard it in the movie With a Song in My Heart starring Susan Hayward, which introduced me to one of my favorite singers, Jane Froman. Not a lot of people have heard of her, but she’s awesome. Okay? Okay. Anyway, I love that song by her and it describes my day today. I think the sunshine lately has really been upping my mood far and beyond what I would have thought.

This is my favorite song by Jane, I hope you like it, too!

I started this day by talking to my bff, Irina, on MSN when I woke up at 10:30 and drinking my usual chai latte! Love them so much, haha, just love the flavor! After a while, I absolutely could not keep up with all the Facebook notifications and I had to get off of it, haha. It was a beautiful day today, really beautiful, about 78 degrees, so I decided to talk to Irina outside on my laptop. I sat on the porch in the back and soaked in the rays from the sun and looked around at the beauty of nature—the green grass, the green trees, and the birds singing. Yes, it is January, but this is quite possible where I live. By the way, Vista, where I live, is considered one of the best places in the country to live because of its weather. The average temperature year round is 75 degrees, so that ain’t bad.

This is Guajome Park in Vista... lovely park, a lot of people take horses there

I decided, out of the blue, to help my mom clean today, for no reason at all. This is how the conversation went when I announced it to her:

Me: I’m going to help you clean today!
Mom: What? Why?
Me: ‘Cause you deserve it?
Mom: Is it Mother’s Day and I don’t know it?
Me: No :(
Brother: She wants something!
Me: No, I don’t want anything at all!
Mom: Well, that’s awesome, Des!

My mom really does deserve it. She works so many hours during the week and my brother and I just clean a little bit during the week—me doing the dishes and kitchen and my brother cleaning the dining room and living room. She does all her cleaning on the weekend because of her job and usually, nobody helps much, except I do the dishes like always every night. And in these weeks by myself at home with nothing to keep me busy, I realize how good I have it at home and how great my parents really are. They do so much for me and I never know how to thank them when I am feeling really grateful. I figure after I get a job, I will find a way to thank them in a big way! And years down the road, an even bigger way…

I should get back to cleaning some more… I’ll be back later to tell you about all the exotic birds I met today and a special street called Rena Drive ;)


  1. yayy Rena drive forever!!!
    It's a beautiful park,'re lucky to live in a place that has a lovely weather all the time xD as you know, I love our winters cause they're so perfect xD but there's nothing else to look forward to...I will move to your house in summer, okay? hahaha :P

    1. I am so glad that you had a lovely day yesterday and that you felt like singing. Songs can do wonders to our mood and many times they make us feel so great!

      You were such a good girl and helped your mom to clean, I am SO proud of you, little sister! I know I wouldn't do that probably (offer myself to clean anything) hahaha so that makes me really proud of you, you are better than me! ;))

    2. Thank you, big sister, I like it when people are proud of me U.U I'm the best

  2. It must be beautiful out there! The weather sounds almost perfect.