Friday, January 20, 2012

I Like Fridays :)

Before I get my fix with another episode of Desperate Housewives, I should update my new blog again… I hope you all are doing well… (Okay, not that many people read this, but the few who do!) I had a fairly good day today. Something that bothered me was a dream I had last night. I had a dream with one of my close friends, whom I miss very much because she is very far away. I continue to have scary or sad dreams with her in them… She actually reads into these dreams much more deeply than I do. She says that we are both sad that we are far away because we are very close to each other. I hope I don’t have another dream like this tonight because I hate sad dreams! Well, who doesn’t? I’m anxious to have a happy dream or one of my boring would-happen-any-day dreams.

I just had Mexican food for dinner. After being in Mexico for ten days recently, I just fell in love with the food—with the amazing carne asada and guacamole in the tacos! Mexican food has always been my favorite type of food, but I never realized just how good it was in Mexico (you know, the place where it comes from, haha). I was not looking forward to having California Mexican food again because it really is not the same. But the day had to come! I had something that seemed the most similar to what I had in Mexico many times. It was a carne asada plate. In other words, it is carne asada and guacamole and rice and beans and some tortillas, so I could make my own tacos. There is a big difference in the carne asada… there is something special in the carne asada in Mexico. I miss it :’( Oh well. Enough wishing I was Mexican… hahaha.

You might want a little background on what my life is like. Oh, wait, I don’t have much of a life. Well, I live with my mom and dad and my younger brother, who is 21. We also have a big dog and a bird—an umbrella cockatoo. They are very interesting pets, and recently, I have been spending more time with the bird. She’s so funny because she loves to take naps under my blanket when I am on the couch. Rocky, my dog, just sleeps all day… he is not very exciting sometimes :P By the way, I don’t recommend getting a cockatoo because they are way too much work—like toddlers who are always getting into trouble. They always chew up everything in sight, like cords, CDs, headphones, electronic devices, keyboards! They can be real menaces, and at the same time, they can be cuddly. I guess it all depends. They can also be pretty loud. Anyway, they act like this their whole lives and they live 50 to 60 years… boy, how much of your life they take up!

I hope I’ll watch a classic movie soon because it’s been a while and I don’t have a passion for them lately. I am more into TV shows lately, I guess. In fact, right now, we are watching Popeye on TV. Sometimes I really love watching cartoons from my childhood. It takes me back to the simpler times and cartoons are just fun to watch. I love how things happen to them that wouldn’t happen to real people—that’s allowed because they’re animated! What is your favorite cartoon? I think my favorite cartoon from my childhood is Tom and Jerry :)

Have a wonderful night, my friends!

P.S. Photos courtesy of my brother :)


  1. Hi Desi!!! says.."for petes sake!..isn't there anywhere where you ain't?"

  2. aww I am sorry about the California Mexican food but that is better than nothing =) Hopefully you'll visit me again someday and then you can eat more and more and more hahaha but yeah, I am happy to be a Mexican cause I have access to all this amazing food whenever I want to xD haha :P

    Aww sorry about the dream...I guess I know who is the friend you are talking about. I still have dreams or feelings at night that you all are with me, that we are going to wake up and have another adventure, but it takes time to go back to reality but eventually we all will.

    I love bird and after knowing Chabela, I am very interested in these peculiar little pets and, oh, Rocky looks scaaaary in that picture :'( haha but he is a darling, I am glad I could meet him and control my fear :P

    Ok, so yay for new post and I see I am not your first comment now :'( how can that beeee :'( :P

    Enjoy your show ;) love ya!

  3. That's a lovely post, Desi! I am glad you talk about you and your life. I know sometimes you think you have no life, and I think so too a lot of times, but please let me tell you something which also has to do with dreams:
    Today I had a dream I had to share with you Des and you all guys. I do not remember all the details, but the main theme was that I was, between other people, kidnapped by some rich extravagant man to his mansion and he kept us there. He didn't do anything bad to us at least in the period of time I was watching this dream, but I could feel the terror and the despair, and when one of the women escaped, he went mad. And then I remember I pleaded him to let me go, to let me go back to my normanl, boring life (in those exactly words) and I could see my own face, red of tears and then the dream abruptly ended before he gave his answer. I think such a dream make us think how actually not bad our life is, and even if at times it is so boring and seems to have no point, we should appreciate and be thankful for what we have, because we can lose it and then we cannot go back.

    So love your life the way it is, of course if you want to change something, do things for it and make it better, but always think that life is a gift and you should be thankful for what you have in your life!

    Sorry I am too philosophical today haha It is the dream's fault ;)

    1. OMGGG what a dream, Iriniiii =S it's so scary!

    2. WOW Irinaaaaa, that really is scary. I have felt this way about my life too because I have had way scarier dreams than that. I feel okay about my life today because I Had normal, good dreams last night. And it's raining and I like it when it rains.... but you're right. I mean, of course, I do appreciate my life a lot. It's just very boring and I am stuck home alone all the time... but of course, I enjoy having a roof over my head and family and food to eat... of course. thanks for sharing, even though that is scary as hell!

    3. I hope I have better dreams tonight!!!!

  4. Favorite cartoon? Hmmm. Probably Tom and Jerry. When I was little I loved ALL of them. :) I enjoy reading your blog, by the way! :) Glad you're writing about yourself as well as Roz. :)