Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey folks,
I’m sorry that I didn’t write yesterday, but today wasn’t such a good day for me. I find it is hard to write on the weekends as it is, and I didn’t have a very good day (until I watched the new episode of Desperate Housewives… okay, I’m obsessed, hehe!). Anyway, I got some pretty exciting news on Saturday, I think it was? I consider the girls that are in my background picture collage like real sisters… I tell them so much about my life and about my problems and they are always there for me. I was just with two of them in L.A. in December for a week, and then after that, with all three of them for 10 days in Mexico (a few days after Christmas). I have to tell you that when I went back home on January 7 and back to my real life (because it seemed like a dream), it was one of the saddest farewell I have ever experienced. Actually, it’s probably THE saddest, but I don’t want to take time to think back on all the sad farewells I have had in my lifetime. By the way, I’m sure they won’t mind too much, but these girls are named Irina, Rena and Janine. It’s easier to write with names than vaguely referring to them as “the first friend” or “the first two friends” or “the friend from…” Haha.

My beautiful friends!

Anyway, turns out that Janine mentioned to Rena that she will come back to this part of the world in October. I could not believe it at first, and I was so excited because one of the reasons why I was so sad when we said goodbye was because I was sure it would be at least a year before I saw her or Irina again (because they both live so far away, and I’d have to take a long plane ride to see them). Of course, Rena said that I would have to be with them everywhere they go and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When you have very good, very close friends that live far away and do not live in your own town, even living in faraway countries, you learn to appreciate just how special friendship is in your life and why friends are a must in one’s life. I think the best friends are for life and will get you through tough times and bad times and can last almost as long as family relationships. In fact, best friends are like extended family members :)

Irina and me!

When Irina said that she just has to come, too, to Mexico to see us again, I was just so excited, I couldn’t stand it! That was two days ago now, but I am still excited in thinking about it… The problem is, I need to get a job soon so I have money to hang out with them during however long their stay is! A dream of mine is to someday take a plane and visit my faraway friends in their own countries. Hopefully, I can someday and even though I’d be nervous to fly alone (even though I had done it once before), I would be more than excited! I want to see new cultures and being shown these different cultures by my best friends would be just amazing.

Janine and me! (Rena calls us sisters in this photo, haha)

I plan on working on my résumé this week and hopefully, even though I have no work experience :( with my degree, I can at least get some temporary work or an internship of some kind. More than anything, at the moment, I would like to earn some money but in the long run, I would like to have a rewarding career. I have a degree in Mass Media and because the media are very different and broad, it can be difficult to pin down what I would like to do with it. So, I will see how it goes. I may just find something temporary in the meantime. Either way, I am very proud to have a college degree at all!

Last but not least... here is Rena and me (love you, girl, I know you are my biggest fan on this blog!!)


  1. yessss, I am the biggest fan!! I love how my name is no longer Renata but Rena xD haha okay, I am so used to it that I forget it's just some sort of a nickname xD haha.

    I am so excited about October, too! And don't forget that this time we're gonna see your town and hopefully it's gonna be your turn to show us your world (I'll pretend that it's new to me U.U I am so good U.U haha.

    Btw, love the first pic you posted...I don't think I had least not taken with my camera :O it's cuuute!!! =)

    I love you all so much, can't wait for October (but first, MAY! I'm gonna be there feeling so proud of you!)

    woooho viva México (haha, I just had to say it U.U just as a reminder haha)

    1. Hahahaha, I prefer it because it's shorter. I don't really like saying Renata. Seems too weird to me at this point xD

      I can't wait to show you girls around... and haha, it won't be that new to you i guess... but still... that's fun :)

      I can't wait for May too, Rena.... I'm so excited about it!!