Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

A blank page.... I have finally decided to update my blog after these endless 4 months of nothing...

I was re-reading my last post about my "Bree Van de Kamp dinner." I have to mention this because last night, I went out to dinner with my family to a delicious Italian restaurant in San Marcos called Bruno's. I have been there before so I already knew it was good. Anyway, I saw saltimbocca on the menu and I had to try it (you know, restaurant-style) to compare to the one I made a few months ago... I actually think mine was better. I think the sage leaves give it an extra flavor, a really scrumptious flavor! But I enjoyed it nonetheless. They also have a great tiramisu that I would recommend.

In these past 4 months, not much has happened except in May, I was able to see one of my best friends, Renata, again... I hadn't seen her since early January. I was incredibly happy to see her again and to hang out with her in my own town. There is something about showing an international friend your home, your hometown, introducing them to your family... that is just exciting to me! She arrived in Vista for my graduation from college (which was fun and it was amazing that my friend could actually be there with me, as if we really are family!). Later that day, we went out to lunch and I was showered with gifts. I truly have the best family. I mean, they made me feel so special on that day! I knew I should be proud that I actually graduated from college, but they made it even more special. One of the gifts was tickets to a Rat Pack tribute show in Las Vegas. I was SO excited to learn that my friend was coming with us!! I had never been in Vegas with a friend, so that was fun.

The actual show was so fun... I actually have been to 3 Rat Pack tribute shows in the past... in both Vegas and San Diego (the Vegas shows are always far superior). I have never heard a group of men who sounded so much like the original Rat Pack in my life. I mean, their singing voices were just uncanny. To me, the voices are so much more important than their looks. It makes it seem more real.

Probably the most fun part of this show was the fact that we were sitting so close to the stage. We were literally right next to it. First, "Joey Bishop" came on to tell a few jokes. He picked my dad out from the crowd because he hadn't laughed at one of the jokes or who knows why? It was a joke about a Polish guy. So he immediately started calling my dad "the Polish guy" throughout the show. It was incredibly funny. Later on, when "Sammy Davis, Jr." was on, he pointed to my mom and said, during his song, that "She likes me," and was about to have a conversation with her, but was interrupted by "Joey." Finally, one last shout-out to our table was when "Frank" was singing "I Get a Kick Out of You." He sang the line "I get a kick out of you," pointing to me, and then he saw my friend Renata singing along... and said to her, "Not you, her." I got a big "kick" out of that!

I was incredibly delighted that my friend was there with me and I really do hope that I can see her again. Much love and hugs to you, girl!

Meanwhile, I am still suffering since the series finale of "Desperate Housewives." Ay, never has there been a modern show that I just adore so much! I console myself by watching reruns, buying the seasons on DVD available, and making videos relating to the show. My favorite actress, Rosalind Russell, had a birthday on June 4 and I did celebrate by watching 3 of her films. Such a talented actress she was, no matter that she died over 35 years ago. It was good to see a classic film again and I hope I can get into the classic movie "groove" again because I do enjoy losing myself in this "world." It just has been a very long time since I sat down and watched one.

I guess this is all I should write for now.... I do need inspiration to write, so I hope it strikes once again on a cold, lonely night ;) hahahah.


  1. aww lovely, Desi! I was glad to share that experience with you. I had so much fun, too! And I also wrote a post about it :)
    Have a good week, girl!! love u!

    Ps. Hodges!!!!

  2. What a lovely post, Desi! I missed your blog!!
    I am so glad about you and Rena having such a great time together.I miss you, girls and I hope one day we can meet again!!!!